Park Nam-joo

The A-bombings Should Never Ever Be Repeated

8. Although losing everything, I am happiest now

My husband was so shocked that he started drinking.  He collapsed with a brain hemorrhage in 2002 and was hospitalized.  After he was discharged, I took care of him at home, requiring intensive nursing care for him.   But soon after, he had pneumonia and was hospitalized again.  In 2003, he passed away of a Norovirus infection in the hospital.

Since he died, I have lived by myself.  It’s a great pleasure for me that my children are all well living their own lives.  They often call and visit me, worrying about me.

I’m on the run every day, working as a perpetual leader of the neighborhood association and making a lot of kimchi for our church charity bazaar.  My neighbors are all nice to me.  I have lived a hard life since the A-bombing.  Although I once lost everything, I have nothing to worry about.  I have enough to eat and to wear.  I appreciate my life and I feel happiest now.

In 2003, from left my daughter, me, my husband, my granddaughter, my son
With UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at Peace Memorial Ceremony in 2010
At my A-bomb testimony session