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“Hiroshima Spirit as the Life of New World”

Song by Asaka Watanabe /
Photographed at the Tokyo YWCA Kaufman Hall

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Lyrics of “Hiroshima Spirit as the Life of New World”

“Hiroshima Spirit as the Life of New World”

Music by Hiro Fujikake, Lyric by Tomin Harada,
Translation: Hiro Fujikake

Out of Flaming Tragedy
Out of the Hell of Earth
New Life was come out in this World
Hiroshima The Holy Power Build up Peace of New World
Hiroshima Spirit Build up Permanent Peace of New World
Ah--- Holy Power
We will keep the Power
Life of World, Life of World
Hiroshima Spirit is the Life,
Life of World, Life of World, Life of New World, Hiroshima

Hiroshima Spirit as the Life of New World

This tune was played at the opening ceremony of the “Sea and Islands Exposition ' 89”, which was held in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1989, performed by mixed chorus, pan flute and a synthesizer. Later, an orchestral version was played by the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and made into a CD. Various chorus groups in Hiroshima have sung a piano accompanied version and it has often been performed overseas, too.

Listening to this music, some people feel it is “Hiroshima' s hymn.” It has also been arranged for mandolin orchestra and wind instruments and performed throughout the world, as a kind of peace ambassador.

The words were written by Dr. Tomin Harada, honorary citizen of Hiroshima City. He was in China as an army surgeon when the war ended. Returning home, he saw devastation in his hometown. Hiroshima had been completely destroyed by the A-bombing. As a surgeon after the war, he devoted himself to the A-bomb survivors' treatment, and also devoted his whole life to world peace. He became the chairman of the World Friendship Center which was founded for world peace and friendship. He was a man who had profound interest in literature and music and wrote a number of books. Rose breeding was another thing he passionately pursued, which resulted in many new breeds including “Hiroshima Children.” Dr. Harada is known for promoting Hiroshima to the world through his roses.

The composer Hiroyuki Fujikake is the first Japanese Grand Prix winner in composing at the Elisabeth International Royal Music Competition. He has also won many other awards both in Japan and abroad. As a composer born in a country that has had the only A-bomb experiences in the world, he wanted to reflect his thoughts for peace in his music. The tune played at the opening ceremony of the “Sea and Islands Exposition ' 89” was the child of his good friendship with Dr. Harada.

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