30. Tears Prevented Me from Writing

  The A-bomb experience left us with an unforgettable nightmare. I lost my parents, brother and sister, four in all. As one of the A-bomb bereaved, my hope is to be left alone in peace. That's all.

  During the war time, my older sister and I were evacuated to my grandma's home. My younger sister, Mitsue and brother were living with our parents at Sorazaya-cho in the city.

  My younger sister was exposed to the A-bomb on her way to Honkawa National Elementary School. She was a second grader. In those days, Sorazaya Shrine was used as a school, so she was exposed to the A-bomb there. Since the shrine was close to our home, my mother found her and took her away to the river bank.

  My younger brother was still an infant, and we could not find him on the 6th of August. But in the evening of August 8th he was found and carried on the back of a neighbor to Kawauchi-mura, which was the official evacuation center for the survivors of Sorazaya-cho.

  I cannot continue to write anymore due to tears... I would like to be a member of the Association of the A-bomb Bereaved Families, hoping that my younger sister's name will be added to the register. That is the reason why I am compelled to pick up my pen and write. That is my fervent wish.

Written by Kazumi Kinoshita (Kamihongou, Togouchi-cho, Yamagata-gun)

Death in the Atomic boming :
Mitsue Kinoshita (a second grader at Honkawa National Elementary School)