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Thoughts by the poet

My Thoughts on the Memorial Monuments for A-bomb Victims

Some people say that Memorial Peace Park is a big cemetery. Why is it that only Memorial Peace Park is remembered that way?

The misfortune caused by the atomic bomb used in the summer of 1945 for the first time in human history will never be erased due to radiation even half a century after the A-bombing.

Not only the A-bomb victims but also many other radiation victims in many parts of the world are increasing in number, which is making the number of graves come into being like sprayed water drops.

The first thing those who survived the disaster caused by the A-bombing and those who knew the menace of the A-bomb did was the building of many monuments for consolation with the money collected with their thoughts put together.
While the living conditions were very poor, they thought that the catastrophe should never be repeated. The number of those memorial monuments is said to be 300 or more.

The A-bomb memorial monuments are not the monuments to swear revenge by but they are vows to realize ultimate peace. They are symbolized Hiroshima.

Mariko Ito

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