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Thoughts by the illustrator

My family has made it a rule to attend the memorial service held at the Monument for Workers of Hiroshima Prefectural Office every year on August 6. My father-in-law was working for Hiroshima Prefecture and died in the A-bombing, so we pray for the repose of his soul.

When turned to fifty, I made up my mind to draw pictures of quietly-standing A-bomb memorials, as my prayer, that are scattered widely in the City, using Sundays and national holidays. I finished one by one with all my hearts.

While painting praying for peace, I came to think that it would be nicer to include figures, children and others, and stress the beauty of blue sky and green trees rather than drawing actual gloomy monuments, so that hope for now and future could be felt even in the past dark image. I tried the best I could. When I finished about 100 pieces, I decided to publicize them, wishing for some good use of them. I' d be happy if they would help for Hiroshima to be acknowledged anew and connecting reality with hope.

Morio Yamasaki

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